Duality, End of the Dark Forces, Discernment & Seeking

In a comment on the world meditations starry said 

“The real problem is that people don’t understand the rules of duality and that whenever an impure or unenlightened mind reads about Service to Others, it will invoke the ego’s sense of doing good. Where there is good there must also be evil to balance it.

Hence people who do “good” works actually fuel the dualistic illusion and this is why the Buddha taught the middle path.”

My perspective differs on duality, in that duality on the planet was meant to be a natural way of things.  Polarities or seeming opposites expressed as a planetary duality.  One example of this is hot and cold, while on the human scale of polarity they each take a place at the opposite ends of a scale, on the planetary level it is cold at both poles and hot at the equator. The closer to the equator the easier it is for life forms to flourish as there are more food sources.   When a human opens certain ascension energies they activate a sphere of their own.  A human polarity example would be that of illness and health.  Illness sits at both poles of the sphere; to remain in a state of health (homeostasis) one must walk the center path, find balance at your personal equator, so to speak.  It can be applied to lots of human dualistic issues.  Fear based emotions all live at both poles and love harmony peace all live in the center place.  This is the center path spoke of by Buddha.

When it comes to darkness and light, good and evil, these are not natural polarities and were never an original part of the Creation.  So in practical form, because they are here, when we bring more light in, the dark will react and attempt to bring forth more negativity.  But there is no balance that requires light/dark good/evil to have equal expressions in the world. We have just been living with the darkness on this planet so long that we have come to think of their expression as natural.  The Creator is all about love, these beings who turned away from the Creation were given a LONG time to do their thing, in hopes they would accept the love and turn back to original source.  This unfortunately never happened for most, and the Creator decided they would all be TAKEN back to Divine Principal, and no longer be given the opportunity to exist as individual spirit/soul//high self entities.  This is currently in progress.  By the time we get through the earth change expansion process there will only be light & love on earth, and in fact in the whole sector of Creation that was corrupted by the dark force.

This is why the dark forces are so desperate; they have seen a large number of their people already taken back.  They do not want to lose their individual expression; it is their greatest fear, to cease to exist as they are.  Some inaccurately believe that if they can manage to remain in control and on the planet through the changes that they will escape this fate.  There is no escape, they cannot remain on the planet or in control, it is already a done deal.  This has been planned for thousands of years.  The full reptilians are already gone, (as in dead and taken back to source, not as in flew away in a ship).  The first aspect of this took place on November 27, 2006, when the Dulce, NM base was cleared, followed on December 13, 2006, by the rest of the full reptilians and underground facilities being cleared.  There are still the hybrid with minimal reptilian DNA like the bush family as example.  These people’s reptilian DNA is dying and they are having to rebuild their bodies with human DNA.  Have you noticed how many of them have aged significantly since this time?  They of course want to continue to manifest the reptilian plans, but no longer have their ‘handlers’ to call the shots.  The dangerous aspect of this is the reptilians with their long life span, technological abilities and ability to pass knowledge through from one body to the next, had more insight into the game, as it were.  The hybrids are strictly reactionary and do not think through the consequences of their decisions before embarking on a path.  Because of this we will need to be ever more diligent, as they are capable of unprecedented stupidity.

For souls of the light who have been here battling the dark for so long it is difficult to even imagine what it would be like to be on the planet without any dark force to battle against.  We have our current mindsets trained to respond to drama and fear.  We are on the precipice of this new life, however, and we need to train our minds to know that this dark force was always an aberration of Creation.  We should always be striving to be neutral to positive/good.  The key to this statement is that the dark forces have manipulated the planet so well that it is difficult to know what is actually doing good and what is doing harm.  We must discern and practice critical thought, we must question despite being brainwashed not to.  Seeking is questioning and you cannot take any spiritual path without seeking.  That is one place religion got lost to the dark force they disallowed seeking and questioning.  It is the same place every government gets lost, when they do they same, you know they are in the hands of the dark.  Question EVERYTHING, take it all inside.  Although I do agree that many people get lost in the ego aspect of doing good.  They are not doing it because it is the right thing to do, they do it to get their kudos, which is just part of being in the world as it is I guess.  My concern would be focused more on are they actually doing good, then if they are getting ego satisfaction from doing good.

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