Using the FTG Energies

There is some question as to whether we can take the Fire the grid energies and use them for positive, taking them out of the hands of the negative forces.  Unfortunately since the planners of this event are not of the light they are not going to give us the permission we need under Universal Law to do that.  Our solution due to that is to create pathways that prevent the dark ones from harnessing the energy of those who do participate.  In doing so the energy will simply dissipate.    It is a shame these energies must be wasted in this manner, but it is the only way to keep them from being used by darkness to strengthen the veil.

2 thoughts on “Using the FTG Energies

  1. Energy can’t “dissipate”; it must change into something. What form will it take in that case?
    i understand manipulation of thoughts (which are, of course, energy) of collective consciousness to produce certain desirable reality….but if people already settled with their thoughts, emotions, energy, which will produce what was intended, how that thought-forms of higher vibration could be hijacked and turned into lower, unproductive ones? would you care to elaborate?

  2. Yes energy can dissipate, diffused into the whole, and it can be grounded to dissipate it just like grounding an electrical current, The rest of your comment has been thoroughly covered.

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