Colorado’s Kangaroo Courts

Kangaroo courts in Colorado where a lawyer  recommends as a strategy that a woman lie about her newborn baby’s father and his family in order to get protection orders placed against them so that she can control the baby. Never mind that she was never in danger nor was her child, that all the baby?s father wanted was minimal visitation. Never mind that there are people in Colorado in actual need of a protection order. Never mind the consequences to the child or the father?s family. The Colorado court that should see through this ruse instead hands out the protection orders willingly. No crimes were committed no one was even accused of a crime. No one had a record or had EVER committed a crime. The father?s family are well known to be pacifists, but the manipulative little bitch, who is developmentally delayed, and obviously mentally ill as well, with a long history of suicide attempts, has full control of the baby with the father getting supervised visitation four hours each Sunday. Who supervises the visitation? Well mommy dearest would not consider anyone other than her mother, who she lives with. Did anyone bother to check that this is the same woman who raised a son who is in prison for 51 years for kidnapping and raping two teen girls. Not exactly a stellar example or someone who should be considered worthy of supervising anyone.

This same woman is known to have drank heavily through the youth of her children and there is no evidence she does not drink now, no doubt she is the very reason her daughter is developmentally delayed. She was living with this mother when she lied and claimed to be pregnant two months before she actually was and continued this lie throughout her pregnancy despite multiple ultrasounds that disapproved her claims over and over. (In other words she is a proven liar) She had no job and got pregnant purposefully knowing that Medicaid would have to pay all her expenses. I see no reason to believe this girl would ever be capable of living alone even without a child. Yet the court feels it is in the child?s best interest to be with her mother and the grandmother with no time with the father outside this home and no ability to see his family under any circumstances. His family are all law abiding citizens, have never been in trouble with the law, no family member has ever been to jail for any reason. This family strived to get her proper medical care when she neglected herself during her pregnancy and her mother did nothing. The actions of the father?s family saved the life of this child with an emergency c-section done due to their research, that her doctors did not pursue do to their belief the girl was just crazy. (which she is, but she was also quite ill) A small synapses of the situation obviously, but enough to be disgusted.

In Colorado a permanent protection order can be issued against someone with nothing more than the person?s claims, no proof is required and any old lie will do. Once issued four years must pass before the person who is restrained can go to court and ask for the order to be removed. They will, however, have to come to court fully prepared with fingerprints checked out by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and the FBI, a three month process. Since when do we in America have to prove our innocence, instead of an accuser proving our guilt? Since when do people need to be ?protected? from people that they can accuse of nothing? Since when should anyone with no record whatsoever of violence be assumed guilty and have protection orders issued against them, based on the word of someone who could say anything, has no witnesses to any event that would lead them to believe they are in danger? What is wrong with this picture? How can law enforcement take any Colorado protection order seriously when there is no burden of proof to get one? Why should they believe anyone with a protection order is in danger ever? Do other states in this county consider protection orders issued in Colorado a joke? Or has this become the norm across all the 50 states? What?s next we all need to have the FBI check us out in advance so we can take a little card to court if anything happens proving that we have a clean record, that we have no criminal history? This is disturbing beyond words to me, it is clearly unconstitutional, but then those of us paying attention already know that the constitution has been stripped of all its power already. This is just another indication of how our justice system is completely corrupt and broken just like the executive and legislative branches. It could just be that it?s only a matter of time before the governments local, state and federal will just issue a protection order against all citizens with the protected parties being themselves. Clearly they see us all as criminals but considering they are all criminals I guess it only makes sense to them to think we are the same as they are.

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