Fear How Do I Hate Thee


How do I hate thee

My thoughts become yours

Instead of my own

My emotions deceive me

You attack my intuition

Make me want to crawl into a cave

Same circumstance

It has always worked out somehow

And yet here I am with you again

Experience has proven you wrong

In fact always wrong

What power do you hold

Why are you like a God

The God that betrays

And yet the people follow

You are nothing

You have only what I am willing to give

I give you nothing

This day it is done

I take my mind

My emotion and intuition

You have no permission to be here

I break free

My heart opens to truth

There is no obstacle too great

There is no mortal problem to big

They are all the same

If I can solve any I can solve all


How do I hate thee

You are not worthy of my hate

We are done

Engtovo ~ April 18, 2007

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