Echoing In The Night

To what do I owe the pleasure

Of an acquaintance from so far

The gifts of unknown prayers

Offered freely and so true

There is a strength that follows

In a line that leads so clear

It offers me solace

In a time that’s confused

The next step is known to me

But alludes me just the same

The process continues

There is no way of knowing

When I will awake

The dream asked me to remember

Not to be complacent

With it came some peace

As well as a need to question

As much as I know

I feel I know nothing just the same

The answers must be in reach

They vibrate in my heart

But will not speak

Actions seem to be missing

Days lead to weeks

To months

To years

There is something more

I want to touch it

Feel it

Live it

There is a sadness in the surroundings

Shut down from life

Hiding in the darkness

I understand it

But it is not my way

Choices made are done and over

New choices are at bay

Sailing with the current

Please set me free

There is a world to see

To prepare

Love to experience

Simple things to discover

Send me a passage

Nothing too obscure

Truth shining bright like lightening

Illuminating the way

I know the path is rarely used

Perhaps hidden in the brush

But I know I can find it

Do not wish me luck

For it is not luck that go me here

Not luck that will carry me forward

But love, truth and prayers

Echoing in the night

Engtovo ~ April 18, 2007

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