Haunt My Dreams Again

There in my dream
Thrown back together again
Neither of us know
I think it is you
You think it is me
We discover it was neither
We have been set up
There is a planned merging of energies
And it is a mystery
I awaken
Then I dream again
You are glad I can stand up to you mother
You do not care if we like one another
Only that I can stand my ground
You come behind me and give me a big hug
I awaken
Is there a point
These dreams with you usually come in threes
Is another to come this week
Will it make sense of the first two
I doubt it
Your place in my dreams
It is as much a mystery
As the dreams themselves
Every year or two
Cycles of three
There you are
Some message you offer
And it always escapes me
But leaves me with the feeling it’s important
They haunt me for weeks
Then they fade
My mind moves on with life
Until you show up to haunt my dreams again

Engtovo ~ August 5, 2006

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