Simple calculations
To my divine mind
Solving all mysteries
Just out of reach
Leaving me feeling so frustrated
I know its right there
I know I know it
It’s already mine
There is no access point
It is like staring at a computer screen
I have no keyboard
No mouse
No way to access what sits there
Its mocks me by asking for input
It must know I have no input tools
I am a scientist
Of an unknown science
An expert in my field
If only I knew what my field is
Like having a mail order PhD
I cannot use the divine knowledge I hold
It’s the ultimate cosmic joke
At this point even I find it humorous
Whose stupid ass idea was this anyway
To forget what we know to experience stupidity
I know I can remember AND experience physicality
We keep agreeing to do this
Over and over
Every time I reach this point
I can’t believe I did it again
Came here of choice
Knowing I would have to remember
There must be a point to it
God I hope there is a point to it
It seems completely absurd and pointless
And those of us remembering again
We are the enlightened ones
Makes me laugh out loud
What is everyone else doing
Maybe we are in fact screwing up over and over
By remembering and seeking enlightenment
Maybe we are supposed to just stay stupid
And fully experience the stupidity
And we have some glitch in our souls
They open the door ever so slightly
We remember there is more
And then it is like Pandora’s box
We cannot stop
Our programming unravels
And here we are

Engtovo ~ August 5, 2006

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