I can see myself alone
The black box was provided
The preparedness done
The mountains have risen
There are very few people on the planet
Where they are
I do not know
I am alone with some dogs
I have not seen a human in a year
It is just me
And nature
I have plenty of food
I work in the greenhouse
I am alone
I do not dare go far
Because if I am hurt
There is no one to look for me
No one to care for the dogs
I cannot travel with all the dogs
And take enough with me to seek others
I have my physical needs met
Here on the ranch
Will anyone ever wander here
Find me
I imagine horses traveling across the meadow
The dogs are barking
But is it just my imagination
Days go by
Weeks go by
Months go by
Years could go by
And nothing changes
I talk to spirit
Spirit talks to me
Sun rises and I am alone
Sun sets and I am alone
No one seems to be able to reach me
Nor I them
It is purgatory
I project the present onto the future
Now there are people here
On planet earth
But no one seems to be able to reach me
Nor I them

Engtovo ~ June 8, 2006

2 thoughts on “Alone

  1. A deep sense of ‘loneliness’ and of fear of the unknown

    Deeply emotive and so true within such a world.

    Thank you

  2. This one was a dream I had and it was very filled with the lonliness and fear. There are a few of the other poems that are dreams too, some times I get up and write them down in a dreambook, other times they just get described in poem form.

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