A Home

Why can’t I have a home
When others have many
And stills others have none
Why can’t we all have a home
How can it be that we be denied the basic thing
That we moved from time when anyone
Could make a hut in a place where no one lived
To a time when we are told we have no right to be
People sleep on the street
Not allowed any dignity
I do not sleep on the street
I am grateful for this
But I still do not have a home
I live where another controls the energies
The arrangement
It is not suitable to my energies
But with no money
In a world controlled by such
I am left to deal with the consequences
Of unaligned energies
I deserve a home
We all do
No addiction of one on the street
Mean he or she is unworthy of shelter
There is nothing anyone can do
That should prevent us from having a home
The world has been so corrupted
How can it come to this dear God
How can it come to this

Engtovo ~ June 8, 2006

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