I agree with a REPUBLICAN and I shudder in disgust!

Those who know me know I do not belong to any party I am a true independent, however my leaning is more liberal than conservative politically, and the opposite is true personally. When it comes to the dems and republicans however it seems to end up that I dislike the inept democrats, and despise the diabolical republicans, and especially their claims to own the Christian religion. Most of the really nasty laws that are antihuman come from the republican camp and then of course the pathetic democrats do nothing to stop them. That of course is because we don’t actually have two parties it is just a ruse. The reality is that they have one agenda and that for those of us who tend to think liberally the republicans are happy to disgust us, and the democrats are equally ready to disgust the conservative set. Then they setup these mock little scenarios and vote for the same Orwellian legislation. The perfect example of course being the Patriot Act, but that’s not what’s on my mind, what’s on my mind is the illegal immigration debacle.

How screwed up does an issue have to get when I am forced to agree with the republican conservatives in the house of representatives who are at odds with the whole senate. The ruse is to give us an amnesty program allowing anyone who has broken our immigration laws citizenship while appearing to tighten security. After all here we are in this post 911 world, billions going to homeland security and the American people just accidentally found out that anyone, including terrorists, can walk right across our borders. Now I’ve known this for many years. The minutemen were doing their thing and trying to get our attention in the 90’s, pre 911, and I was listening, were you?

Here is the spiritual dilemma, the conundrum that many people face who in effect live in two worlds. What I believe spiritually is that we could have a beautiful world with no borders whatsoever. However there are evil people in this world and they want a world without borders as well, but their version is one in which they control the whole world and the rest of us are slaves and worker bees. This is not exactly the spiritual no border theory I ascribe to. In the world we live in now we are stuck in a paradigm of already created laws and an economic reality that holds us all in slavery. As long as that paradigm exists any change we create has to be changed from within or the result is economic collapse which very few people are prepared for. The kind of change that would be required to create my borderless world isn’t going to happen in this paradigm. I believe it is born of earth changes that free us of all government, who instead of being servants to the people are in reality the jailers of our lives.

In this paradigm we have a country with laws that have been enacted to control who enters our country, and they are not being enforced, this is hurting our country and our economy. As long as we are stuck in this paradigm every illegal that we do not send back to their country of origin is sucking the lifeblood of our own families. We have to control our border or the powers that be will destroy what is left of our deteriorating country. This is where the disgusting agreement comes with the republicans in the house. We must control out borders first, totally and completely before even discussing what will become of those who have already broken our laws and entered this country illegally.

I hear the argument, we are a country of immigrants, this has truth to it but it is not the truth in wholeness. Over 80% of U.S. citizens where born in this country. True grandparents and great grandparents may have been LEGAL immigrants. Let us not forget we have this country because those early immigrants with no status legal or not, starting with Columbus committed genocide against the 500 nations already here. But here we are, right here, right now, what is left of the Indian nations of North America, the descendants of the original invaders, the descendents of the legal immigrants of the new country of the United States, and those who legally immigrated in their lifetime. We have an immigration policy that allows more legal immigrants every year than almost every other first world country combined. We set this policy at that level to allow new immigrants to assimilate to the American way of life. That immigration policy works when ILLEGAL immigrants are not entering the country by the thousands every single day. If we enforce our immigration laws we will be far from stopping immigration, it is illegal immigration we need to stop.

Now I don’t for one second believe that a bunch of Arabs attacked us on 911. All the evidence proves the official version of the day to be a joke, it was an inside job no doubt about it. However I do see there are a lot of people in the world who may actually want to commit terrorist acts against us, and if they do, all they have to do is walk right across the Mexican border! The President doesn’t want to militarize our border, but the fact is the Constitution gives the federal government only a few responsibilities for the 50 states and one is common defense. That means keeping anyone, terrorist or illegal immigrant from crossing into this country. That is a job for the military! The constitution prevents the military from policing the American people within the borders of the United States, that however is completely separate from controlling the border. We have thousands of our active duty military controlling the border between North and South Korea they have been there for 50 years! Bring them home to protect our own borders; Korea is long over due to deal with their own issues.

I am a peace lover and a pacifist and completely against this war were have been waging in Afghanistan and Iraq and certainly the potential for one in Iran, but lets look at this issue from the perspective of a president who apparently loves war and ask a few pertinent questions. Why does a President who is willing to threaten anyone for anything not willing to threaten Mexico. If Vicente Fox was threatened with a few well placed bombs that would take out him his family and his top guys, I’m thinking he would try a little harder on his side of the border to stop his countrymen from entering the United States illegally. Not only that but why are we not pressuring him to control his southern border so that every John or Jane Doe from South American can’t just walk in to Mexico travel north and cross the border. Any terrorist that would enter the United States from Mexico would not likely be a Mexican citizen, which means Mexico needs to let them in first. Bush wants us to believe Mexico is our friend, well Mr. President with friends like that who needs enemies? That is like having a friend who would welcome pedophiles into your house while they baby sit your kids. Where is the arm twisting on Mexico? Big macho America won’t threaten a supposed friend even if they are our greatest threat, but we will threaten weak rulers in unstable areas with oil. I guess if our Mexican friends would just find a huge oil field lurking under them, bam boom bombs go off and Mexicans do become Americans after all! Well at least an American controlled territory we do have standards after all, no citizenship for those we conquer, only American handlers.

It’s all so sick and disgusting but we will not stand up to Mexico for their complicity in every way, first and foremost by their corrupt system so impoverishing their people that they are desperate to come here. The problem is here cannot handle the mass immigration without crumbling. We cannot afford 10 million workers who pay no taxes but use everything our taxes pay for. We cannot afford to offer them health care in a system already crumbling where American citizens can get the care they need. We cannot afford to school the millions of Spanish speaking children, who are essential using our school system as a day care center. I want to know when the anchor baby policy came into being. I mean really if an American woman goes to any other country and pops out a baby it is an American citizen, how did it ever come to be that a baby birthed here of a mother who is not here legally could be anything other than a citizen of the mother’s country. If a tourist has a baby here is it a US citizen? It is insane! That’s all to be said about that policy.

Should we send them back? Hell yes we should send them back, but first we have to control the border so they don’t just walk back in. Should we pressure Mexico and the other corrupt South American governments to implement changes to give them a better life in their home country, hell yes. If we are going to be the tough guy of the world let it be with good reason. The citizenship of all anchor babies should be revoked. Illegal Immigrant Felons fill our prisons they need to be sent back to prisons in their own countries we should not be paying for them in their crimes on our citizens or in our prisons. Why is it that other countries can tell us they won’t take back their own citizens, that is absurd! We talk tough and act tough on issues that only serve the puppet masters but when it comes to what serves the people it will never happen. Why won’t we take a tough stance with Mexico and South America with our borders, drugs that’s why. Drugs are big business and our leaders are deeply involved in the drug trade just like our southern neighbors. They may be better at pretending it isn’t so, but many of us know better. Tight border security would catch the drug runners who would eventually implicate the power brokers in America. We don’t take a tough stance against corruption because our own government is too corrupt.

To those who say these immigrants are doing jobs Americans won’t I say flat out BS! Twenty years ago when the problem was small and the illegals here were mainly migrant workers, our toilets were clean our restaurant dishes were washed! What they have done is force wages down so that American citizens (who are paying taxes) cannot afford to live, while illegal workers are living fine without paying taxes. The idea they take the low paying jobs is also a false claim. Recently in Montana a group was arrested working construction, making over 20 dollars an hour tax free. I can’t make 20+ an hour tax free and a large percentage of the American citizens can’t even get a 20+ dollar an hour job willing to pay taxes.

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