The Song

There is a song in me
Waiting to be sung
It’s words are still feelings
It’s music yet to be received
But my heart feels it
Moving to surface
Once it reaches the surface
And is infused with life force
There will be no stopping it
It will have a life of its own
It spirals through the layers
To bring with it
And message
It is there
In bud
A flower ready to burst open
It has it’s own sensations
But no two people will experience it the same
It is not really for them
Though they may think it is
It may have value to them
But it is for me
A birthing of heart space
It’s life would be fully revealed
Even if no one heard it
I sang it alone
It is a part of my human experience
It will not be denied
It waits
In perfection
For me to be ready to express it
And so I shall

Engtovo ~ May 8, 2006

1 thought on “The Song

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