The Creator’s Choice

They fear because of what has happened before
In their fear they do not see they are doing the same
They need positive distraction
So they have been given it
It is yet another new beginning
Another phase in the uncharted territory
That will perhaps make others afraid
The fear strangles the whole
It sucks the joy out of the experience Creator gave us
They do not understand the choices of Creator
I do not understand the choices of Creator
The difference is
I do not think I need to understand all the Creator’s choices
I am a faithkeeper
One who is tasked with accepting that the choices are
For the greater good
Allowing the knowing to be revealed to me
At the Creator’s time
It is not always easy
But it is easier than living in constant fear
This day has brought many gifts
The Great Blue Heron makes its way across my path
On one fell swoop
The hierarchy reorganizes and it is good
The Christed ones come to me with good news
I feel grounded once more
Tuned to the correct frequency
The confusion of weeks and months past moving out of the way
I feel I have rediscovered my purpose somehow
It was not lost
But perhaps it has been dusted off and polished
It shines forth to me in energy if not in obvious deeds forthcoming
My heart is tethered to it
The winds have been blowing me around of late
Making me feel lost
But they have in fact blown me to the place Creator wanted me
And I am no longer lost
I am the only one who thought I was lost in truth
The Creator knew where I was
And where I was going
Because this dharma was the Creator’s choice

Engtovo ~ May 8, 2006

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