One Who Knows

Focus returns now
One places them self in another’s perspective
They know not what they say or think
It is clinging to a past
But they are here and now
They are still connected to the past
But this place is new
The journey of one is only known to her
The journey of others known to them
There is compassion that moves between
There is synergy
There is support
But each journey is it’s own
What one looks out and sees as the same place
Is a similar process going on in two places
It has been this way always in this life
One knows
The other lives in the self deception
The one who knows will not say
It would serve no purpose
And the one who does not know
Still would not know
Could not accept this truth
So the one who knows holds back
Keeps quiet
Knowing some day the other will figure it out
Sadness at times envelops the one who knows
At times anger
At times understanding
But always the one knows
And accepts the unknowing of the other
The one who knows lives
Still in the limbo where knowing is both a gift and a burden
It’s so clear
It has never been clouded
The one in self deception
Judges the choices of the one who knows
Judges based on deception
The one who knows must simply ignore this as well
It is difficult
But there is no way to show another that which they do not see

Engtovo ~ May 8, 2006

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