A Baby Comes

A baby comes
Conceived in lies, deception and manipulation
Conceived in hurt, heartache and neediness
A baby comes
A new life tender and vulnerable
What will become of this life
How can he walk through the coals
Of the fire that is his very creation point
There is drama, fear and anger
Why must a new life start this way
A baby comes
It should be a most joyous and sacred occasion
How can our family be in a position where this joy is thwarted
I want to scream and yell
In frustration and disappointment
That this could happen here
Where there is so much knowledge and God Love
But my screams would be heard only by spirit
My heart aches for him
A baby comes
There is no one ready to nurture him
He is surrounded by pain
By abusive behavior
By ignorance and indifference
He deserves so much more
A baby comes
I feel powerless to change anything around him
I feel powerless to influence those who can
They think of themselves only
Incapable of putting him first
He cries out to me
I hear him
But will they allow me to answer
A baby comes
God please create a path for him
One that frees him from these low vibrations

Engtovo ~ May 8, 2006

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