Death of the U.S. Constitution

It’s May and I wrote this way back at the end of January and then forgot to post it so I am going to date it to the time of writing instead of the time of posting.

The lingering death of the United States Constitution is close to coming to an end. As the constitution has been slowly chipped away for years, the majority of Americans were oblivious, now the power grab has been secured with the addition of Alito to the Supreme Court. This is a very dark day for America and for the world. With Alito the deciding vote on a Supreme Court that is split in its views, the freedoms that the American people have bragged about, lived and died for are all but dead.

The Constitution has in fact been on its death bed for at least 30 years, but we still had the illusion of the rights that is gave us while we watched them be taken away one by one. Slowly and subtly they passed by while we toiled in economic slavery with fluoride brain mush making us unable to perceive what was happening. Then came 9-11 and the nation actually asked for our rights to be taken away. “Oh big brother please protect us” Well we then deserve what we are the process of getting, a complete fascist state.

All of the fascist laws that Bush has called for have been granted, when Congress has refused, Bush has simply added a signing statement to the bill passed to make the law apply to him only as he wants. In fact he has used 500 of these signing statements since he has been in office and the whole idea of signing statements was the brainchild of Samuel Alito. President Bush has never vetoed a bill! Now that Bush has the Supreme Court stacked there is nothing to stop him from seizing full dictatorial control of this country and essentially eliminating Congress with full support of the nation’s Supreme Court. The balance of powers that the Constitution demands is now officially gone! The balance was unofficially gone with the Supreme Court decision after the 2000 elections and the complete lack of accountability for the election fraud in 2004. Two elections were illegally handed to the man who believes it is his mission from God to be our fascist dictator. Now all illusion of propriety is no longer necessary as the five votes needed to turn any Supreme Court decision his way are in his pocket. So long Constitution R.I. P.

The Congress who swore to uphold the Constitution have just handed it over to be placed in a paper shedder and they either don’t care, are complicit or are ignorant, none of which are viable excuses. I have known for quite some time that both parties are the same, now, however, they are not even pretending to have different agendas. They share one agenda to destroy the republic of the United States.

Now those of you who have read my other writings know that I am not a big believer in countries in general and feel that the evolution of humanity leads to living on the planet with no need of government at all. We, however, have not evolved to that point and the destruction of a republic that claims freedom and human rights for its people to be replaced with fascism is not an acceptable alternative. We have for years jumped on the backs of other countries who were not offering their citizens the human rights we felt we could take for granted. Now here we sit with our own rights tattered on the verge on nonexistence, a country now known around the world for torture, abuse of our own citizens and the innocent citizens of other sovereign nations. A country pressed to preemptive war against a nonexistent enemy that was manufactured for the purpose of the destruction process.

Are we in fact karmicly regressing to that from which we came? The United States was formed on all kinds of lies and falsehoods even though there were many with good intentions among the founders. The original constitution had no Bill of Rights, the founders did not agree that we had specific rights. The Bill of Rights we defend were after thoughts, Amendments of those of conscience. The original constitution acknowledged human slavery as acceptable and allowed slaves to be counted as only 4/5 of a human for census purposes. Not exactly a stellar moment in human rights. The framers of the Constitution also had no problem with founding a country on the land where 500 nations already existed and simply exterminating the majority of these 500 nations and imprisoning the rest on reservations until those left could be assimilated.

As the years passed the diverse group of people who immigrated formed a group consciousness that believed in freedom and human rights and ignorantly believed that they had achieved that goal, and should share the good news of democracy to all. Unfortunately they were duped and like the Spanish missionaries who forced people by violence into Christianity we found ourselves over the years trying to violently force other countries into democracy, despite the fact we were never a democracy but indeed a republic. Lie after lie, war after war, in the name of democracy the American people were scammed into believing we’re making the world a better place. What we have been doing is what the United States has always done; stealing property and vital resources from anyone we could take it from by force. It’s the way it has been in Europe for millenniums and we came to this continent and continued with this pattern only with a greater sense of arrogance and purpose. Now we are about to be put back under the fascist rule of King George, only this King George may be even worse than the original one we fought the revolutionary war to escape.

Perhaps the republic of the United States was doomed from its start, but we the people with or without the republic or its Constitution are still, and always will be, the true power. The question is whether or not we will see our power and use it and demand that any government we live under be OUR government and afford all the human rights we pride ourselves in. We can declare our independence as individuals and as nation states and refuse fascism. We may be nearing a time when the states we live in will have no choice but to face the question of whether or not to secede from the union in order to stand by the intent of the Bill or Rights and their own state Constitutions. As important as it may be to know what is happening in federal level politics, it is equally or more important to know what is happening at your own state level. Will your state government succumb to the fascist state of King George, or will your state refuse if necessary and leave the union for the rights of WE THE PEOPLE.

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