Sails full in blustery winds
The changes are blowing me in a new direction
I am at the mercy of these winds
But I trust them
I know they will take me home
I am open to them
I offer no resistance
My heart leads me into this freedom

Treetops sway in the distance
Never resisting the winds
They beckon me to do the same
Some leaves let go of the tree
They fly through the air
Acrobats of the sky

These winds are a gift
I acknowledge them now
Around me people fear the winds
They cower and hide
I wish they could see the gift given

I am swirling in peace
Unity is here with all who choose it
I can be moved to a new better place willingly
Or have the old rip and torn away
The winds do not judge any
They simply move
Move with them
Or they may destroy you
In your attempt to stand against them

Birds are moving with them
Finding joy in the process
They give me good teaching
This is how to be in the winds
Let go
Feel the current lift me
And fly

Engtovo ~ October 28, 2005

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