Letting go
And how
It makes sense to me
Is inevitable
But its unfolding is a mystery
I will have knowledge
Others perhaps blinded
There is no other way
The prayers have been spoken
And received
This is the sacrifice so often spoken of
Letting go
Making room for something new to enter
It returns life to the sacred state
No one is immune to the energies
What I gain from this sacrifice is unknown
And yet what is known
Is that it is greater than what is being let go of
Closer to my heart
What is being let go of
Lives in illusion
Is not fully in the truth
In understanding
There is stillness
Peace with things as yet unspoken
There is a greater good
Not all see it
Feel it
Know it
But it shines itself forth here
Bringing me what I have asked for
Demanding that I leave things behind
That are not in harmony
With all that I have prayed for
I acquiesce
My heart knows it is for the best

Engtovo ~ October 28, 2005

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