Remembering How to Be Free

If I were a mountain
I would be the highest peak
If I were an ocean
I would be the very deep

If I were a lake
I would shimmer & shine in the sun
If I were a canyon
I would be the biggest one

Nothing can contain me
This I know is true
Nothing can change me
Unless I allow it to

In this world there is nothing
That is not within my reach
From the tip of every mountain
To the shore of every beach

One thing here is certain
It is the love all around
It’s reflected on the waters
And in the canyon it is found

A dream is just a dream
Until I choose to make it real
When that day becomes me
Only I’ll know how it feels

I’ll sit right here and ponder
All that love changes in me
With gratitude and wonder
Remembering how to be free

Engtovo – October 28, 2005

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