Truth Finally Spoken

It comes out in the open
That which is long since known
Its harsh presentation is punctuated with intensity
Truth finally spoken
No matter how unbalanced
It is sad
But spoken it is free
Its depth is overwhelming
There is no self responsibility therein
Blame me for all that has happened
Blame me for all that has not
All that will happen
All that will not
He knows not what is inside
He cannot see the steps or growth
He looks only for actions of his desire
That is not his right
He attached himself to my outcome
How absurd is that
He was on hold
For me to prove to him what I have said
Also not his right
I will prove nothing
Not to him or any other
My journey is my journey
It does not need to be proven
It simply exists
He is upset about my relationship with spirit
When I am not
Simply an expression of how little he knows of what’s inside me
He feels he was replaced by two people whose energies always stood beside me
He has never discovered himself
Only sees himself through me somehow
It is beyond my comprehension
He is angry at me for being mortal
Yet in life with him that is all I’ve ever been
My journey will complete in divine time
He will not be there to witness.

Engtovo ~ October 18, 2005

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