Jesus knew the way home
But the disciples did not stand forth
By standards set forth by you
That would make Jesus a bad teacher
Instead of the disciples being limited students
How absurd
They had example
Proof from your perspective
And yet they remained mortal
Unable to follow suit
Why is this
I ask you
You cannot blame Jesus for still being mortal
As he was not
He gave them the full example of which you seek
Spalding saw it all for years
And yet he too did not stand forth
Were the Masters simply amiss in their teachings for him
That which you have put forth are naught but excuses
You desire your victimization and blame
But your life is your own dear brother
Always has been
Always will be
Your choices belong to you and you alone
If you want divine life you will have to work hard
It cannot be handed over
Bought or sold
Steps can be explained to the mind
But are meaningless until
Heart/soul/spirit take them in and experience them
It is a path of revelation
And the revelations can only come from within
If you have not had the revelations
You are not qualified to discuss them
Judge them
Or anticipate what they mean
Or how they should or should not be expressing
Divine life arrives in an instant
But there are years and lifetimes of preparation that come first
If the preparations have not been done the instant will not arrive
Have you done the preparation
You assume that upon seeing the proof
You would experience your divine life instantly
This is the foolishness of ego
Spend your time in preparation
And assume nothing
Humble yourself before your Creator
And seek not proof or outer expression from any
Look within
Look within
Look within
It is there your revelations await

Engtovo ~ October 18, 2005

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