The Big Change

I was given the initial information on the big change August 21, 2005

In this world there are changes, and there are changes, but some are completely unexpected and unseen. The big change that I am referring to is in relation to a pathogen created for the purpose of germ warfare. Due to the creation of this pathogen and it’s consequences that are unknown to its creators, every prophecy in relation to humans and in relation to events for earth except for the shift itself which is a natural cycle, have changed. All previous timelines are gone, what needs to happen to prevent this pathogen from being released is huge and changes everything that comes after. In fact the change has already occurred just with the decision to take action against this pathogen. It started with phase one distraction, Katrina. Let me explain.

The powers that be that are within and beyond the United States government were planning another staged terrorist attack on the level of 911 in order to further the war agenda they have, in their attempts to bring forth the script of the WW3 prophecies. The earth mother having her own agenda to stop this pathogen decided this had to be thwarted in order to give the people time to receive the information in their hearts of her worldwide plan, and make adjustments in their lives if necessary. Let those who can hear, hear! I was awoken on August 22 to the words Phase One distraction begins. Within 12 hours the tropical depression that would become Katrina was born, but I had yet to connect the dots, she strengthened to a weak hurricane and crossed Florida and I still had not connected the dots, I went to bed with her as a cat 2 and woke up and she was a cat 5, I and my family all had connected the dots. She was the phase one distraction. The first scene of Bush was a tell all, it was very clear he had plans and those plans did not include a cat 5 hurricane heading for a major metropolitan area. There was now no way their plan could be enacted. Distraction successful. At what cost many may say in reading this. Let me say this is in no way callus to what happened to people and the suffering that occurred, we must be in a state of compassion. On the higher level however look at it this way, more lives would have been lost by the planned terrorist attack. While the TV would have been flooded with terrorism and war propaganda it came to be filled within a short time with stories of love, compassion, & giving, this is not what the powers that be had in mind. All that money given in love is money they wanted for war.

Let me just say that the people who have created this pathogen do not know how dangerous it truly is and they do not know which pathogen I am speaking of, therefore they have no way of knowing what the earth mother plans to do to stop this pathogen from being released. It is a time to listen to the heart and the heart only. No one can tell you where to be or when. Here is the information about the pathogen as I received it.

There are protection issues to discuss. They involve new biological weapons and their intended use. The changes the earth mother enacts are to stop the release of one in particular that those who hate want to use for the next step in their plan. This particular pathogen has not been tested; they are unaware that its release could in fact kill 90% of life on earth, and most if not all humans that are not ascended. In its present form it would kill approximately 25% of those exposed, but the unknown aspect of this pathogen is that under the conditions it will find itself after release it would mate, so to speak, with the common cold virus first, and mutate to a much wider spreading pathogen, where it would then find an environment suitable to it mutating in more ways than can be discussed within the period of three to four months of release.

This mutation would cross genetic codes and effect most every species of mammal on earth, and from there spread to other species groups, this process would be unstoppable and take about 1 year for all the mutations to reach maximum density, so to speak, where they have killed all beings that have not become immune and they themselves die out with no host. It is possible they could cross over into some plant species as well but this is still an unknown, under investigation by Dharljas and Avatars. The mutation process is very complex, this is like having an open pollinated seeds and taking them to brand new environments, determining which species may be affected and how is a lengthy process, even for those in divine expression as the mathematical possibilities are so great.

Whatever your life plan was between now and the earth shift is gone. There is no more script. The prophecies whether they be Bible, Native, Cayce, it doesn’t matter, it has changed. Even the earth shift itself is effected by what will occur before it. For this reason I have removed the earth change maps from the website. They are still generally accurate but general is not something that should be considered when making choices for your life. Each of us must rely fully on our own inner knowing if we choose to remain on the planet. Due to these changes many will simply choose to leave the planet, not being able to rely on living out the life plan they came in with. Many will also choose not to incarnate that had plans in place to be born. Most spiritual contracts between people are no longer viable and so many higher selves feel there is no reason to remain and will transition their potentials off the planet.

We must be prepared for the things to come without giving in to fear. Fear of the unknown is one of the great fears for people, and this unknown is as big as it gets, when the unknown is also unknown to the higher self. The fact remains however that beings working in the light in harmony with creation roll with the unknown better than those who hate and desire darkness. They like to plan out their scripts and do so generations in advance. Now they have no script and that puts the advantage to those of us who want to bring love and peace into this world. There are no prophecies to fulfill and this brings us freedom. There are no issues of timing and sequence in the path of the world or our personal paths. With freedom comes positive opportunity and we must make the choice to embrace that, and not give our power over to fear.
There are truly no victims here, we are all empowered beings whether we recognize and acknowledge that power or not. The knowledge of what path to take from here is only in our hearts as we make new choices and blaze new directions with higher self. There is no point in turning to psychics looking for a new direction, they are in the same boat, trying to figure out their own. This is a gift, because using the gifts of others to find your way has been disempowering you if you have been on that path. Look within! Trust in your instinct and choose joy. For all of you out there that don’t believe joy is a choice, think again and think quickly. I once believed that as well, I was wrong, it is a choice and a choice we can only make for ourselves. We cannot take anyone with us on this journey, we can walk side by side with those in harmony with us but that is all, and we must be willing to part ways when harmony is no longer found.

The world will not support your joy. The world will tell you that you have no right to joy when others suffer, and many will be suffering in these difficult times. You cannot help another’s suffering by suffering yourself. To have compassion is not to suffer with those in pain, it is to understand their pain, and send love and prayer while keeping your vibration high so they can feel they have the choice to step out of suffering. It is difficult to break free from the group consciousness and live as Creator intended you to live. All around you will be people who want you to feel guilty for choosing joy because they believe they are victims that have no power. This is the lie they tell themselves. You cannot allow their lie to determine you life. You can no longer rely on going through the motions and the momentum of your life plan bringing you to the right place or time. We are now each fully, completely self responsible, we always were, but we often made hard choices in karma and used that as an excuse to get swept away into lower vibrations. If we want a joyous peaceful life we must be joyous and peaceful. We must choose it every moment.

We have all witnessed the lack of assistance from our government with Katrina and the outpouring of love and assistance from our brothers and sisters on the planet. We must be prepared for what is to come physically as well as emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. We cannot rely on government, we cannot rely on the continued outpouring of our brothers and sisters as what is to come is big and even those who want to help and are in a position to help, will become fatigued by the enormity of pain, and back away to take care of themselves having spent the energy they have to give. This is natural human response and for some who give it is a necessity as their giving is born out of place of lacking self worth, not pure heart. They are trying to redeem themselves in some way for their perceived unworthiness.

Now is the time to strive for the true divine life. Absolute empowerment through the inner Christ, for those of you unfamiliar with my work I am not speaking of Christianity or of Jesus, I speak of the divine spark that lives inside us all, given to us by our Creator who never intended us to toil and struggle. We have the ability to step into what the world would perceive as our evolution, but in truth is our birthright. From this place we have no need to be taken care of, all our needs can be met from divine source. This is the path that those who hate will want to steer us away from. The path that will not find you, you must seek it. The energy is in your favor in taking this path with no script to play out. There are those who have already chosen this path, script or no and those who have already achieved this state of being, know that their prayers are out there for you always like a hand that can uplift you if you make the choice to be uplifted. Peace be us all.

October 3, 2005

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