The Life We Share Is Blessed

The change is here and it is final
Prophecies have come to close by this change
Roles foreseen are no longer
All are free to progress as the heart leads
It is good
Even though it may look chaotic
Those whose hearts are filled with hate
No longer have a script to follow
They never understood that the original script
Ended with love not hate
But now they flounder with no script at all
Love has come forth early as it were
Many will still suffer
As humans detest change
There is no way to avoid this
No way to fix it
We must look to the good and in openness do what we can
Without disempowering any
For the truth is yet to come forth or be understood
In a significant way
We must turn away the truth of our life for no one
It is their truth as well if they choose to see it
If they choose to ignore it
That is unfortunate
But it is not up to us to convince them
Or show them
It is their true nature
They have lost track of it in this world
It has never left them
They do not have to earn it
It is they who have left that knowing
Creator holds it out to them as he has unto us
I welcome this change
I welcome the freedom from the script
This change allows love to manifest quickly
Should this choice be made
It allows those who had things laid out in precise timing
To step forth into their true life now
My life lies before me
And I claim it
It is in this moment and each moment forward
It is a good life
And I give it away for no one, no thing
It is sacred as it was given to me sacred
It was meant to be joyous and so it is
The hurt and suffering chosen by others is
Not reason to disregard this sacred trust
Compassion goes out to them
The hand of the divine reaches out to them to tell them
Your suffering is not as you were intended to live
They can trust that and move with the love in their hearts
They can reject that and continue to suffer
There is no answer that is right or wrong
As there is no judgment to this condition
We are free to choose
And I have chosen
Many have, and the life we share is blessed

Engtovo ~ September 12, 2005

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