Great Grandmother’s Box

Open the box
There is thought about what is inside
It is a gift
From my ancestors
But what does it bring
It is positive of this I am sure
For I have accepted it
And I have refused to accept anything negative
But what is it that I am to be offered
What medicine of this family do I need
The grandmother has awakened to me
There is strength and independence there
But there must be more
What is there that seven turkeys bring forth
It is grounded from the spirit this is clear
And it comes upon my release
The energy of it comes with love and anticipation
That I will bring honor to what is inside
That I will use it well
I have never looked to the grandmother in this lineage for anything
But now she looks directly to me
What do you see great grandmother
What do you foresee
Your energy is at peace now
There is no toughness as you come to me
There is a gentle way about you
There is a sweetness to your vision
Step forth with your box
I thank you now
Not yet knowing what is inside
I know it is given from your heart
I know you wish me well
And your desire is to help
And I accept your assistance
Not knowing what you can do
Or what prayer of mine you may be trying to answer
Thank you for your box and your lineage

Engtovo ~ September 12, 2005

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