Dropping the Cloak

What goes on in the mortal world is separate from me
I observe it
I can even choose to participate in helping those who suffer
In ways that do not cause suffering to myself
I however opt out of their mortal experience
I follow my heart to my divine life
I do not need to suffer because the world suffers
I have no obligation to suffer along side them
No responsibility to try and end their suffering for them
It is ok for me to be in joy while others suffer
It is what my creator wants for my life
Divine principal flowing freely through me
In song
In words
In feeling
In deed
Creativity flows freely
I act out in this creativity with joy
I act in service to the earth energies where needed
I care take the animals where needed
as they are at the mercy of the choices of humans
I embrace my true life
I claim it in fullness
I will not step back or sideways
I walk forward
Dropping the cloak behind me
The weight was heavy and painful
But it was the weight of lies
The lies we collectively carry in the mortal
Mixed with the lies of obligation
Those lies now cast aside
I am free to live my life
Those who choose to judge me simply judge themselves
It is themselves they condemn
Themselves that they believe do not deserve the life of the divine
The life awaits all
It is for all
There is no need or purpose to suffering in this world
We can choose to end it all
By each one of us choosing to end our own
Leaving the planet does not end suffering
For many that choice only brings them more suffering
In the next life
Ending suffering is right here right now
I will begin
I will lead without followers
Maybe one day others will awaken to this same truth
And choose to walk the path the their own divine life
I will pray for them
I will send energy out into the world in my prayers and my meditations
That they can call upon if they awaken
I cannot do it for them
Only leave crumbs along the path I have tread
And welcome them lovingly if they arrive

Engtovo ~ September 12, 2005

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