Liberal Bias in the Media?

There is liberal bias in the media.  I am so tired of hearing this!  If the media is liberal then I can’t even imagine how liberal I must be!  The truth of the matter is I am personally quite conservative, although I am sure most would consider my political perspective liberal.  The powers that be like us to think we must chose sides and agree with a platform on one side or the other, but as a thinking self empowered human being, I cannot in good conscience agree with either.  I come from a perspective of freedom, which means that my choice to be quite conservative in ways, such as not drinking for example, does not give me the right to expect others to make the same choice.  Obviously we need boundaries that protect us all from real harm, and that was the original intent of laws, and the legal system of justice.  But we as a country have strayed far from protection, into the realm of total control of the masses.  That total control is now our greatest threat of real harm, and it comes from those claiming to be our protectors.

The tool of this control is the media and it is used by both primary political parties. The media is a puppet, nothing more, nothing less.  They report whatever the brainwashing machine of our society wants them to report, whether it is perceived as liberal or conservative.  If the subject is personal freedom, they will always take a position opposite of freedom. If the person or group bringing the issue to the table is a liberal group they will bring on conservatives to attack them.  If the person or group bringing the issue to the table is conservative they will bring on liberals to attack them.  

The key in discerning what is happening with the media is not looking at liberals or conservatives.  They are just pawns in the bigger game.  Look at the overall issues that they want to shift our opinions of by polarizing us.  Freedom for example is an issue that strikes deep with both liberals and conservatives if they are awake.  Both, when awakened, see things like the Patriot Act for what is it, police state legislation.  But if the population of conservatives can be convinced that position is a liberal one, then they can manipulate them into supporting the police state legislation and vice versa.  It is a sick game, and easy to get pulled into, as they bring the most outrageous people out for the sole purpose of polarizing people that have more in common than they would like to admit.

While Fox news is the most obvious in their support of anything that serves the puppet masters, there is a reason why I consider CNN to be the illuminati channel.  CNN has built a reputation for being middle of road, as absurd as that is.  They are simply more masterful at presenting the information in a way that a greater number of people are comfortable with.  What I love best about CNN is when you happen to be watching something big unfold live, like 9-11 or Waco.  If you are paying attention they will play a story or show some aspect or video clip once and then it will disappear, it will never be shown again, and will not show up on their website.  The powers that be let them know that piece is history, and it will appear as if it was unsubstantiated information that was never confirmed.  It happens with them over and over.  So if you watch carefully during breaking news you will get information that is significant once, and you better pay attention, because then they will drum it out of your mind be repeating over and over what they want you to believe.

I remember watching Waco live.  At the time we had one of the old big satellite dishes, where you had to tune to different satellites and the dish moved.  At the time there were satellites you could tune in that had the live feeds of news stations, unedited, as they came in.  My ex-husband, my brother and I were watching one of these feeds that day.  We saw the tanks approach the building, break a hole into it, and saw flames streaming out of the tanks to the building.  We sat in shock and horror; I was in tears that day as I watched live, my government, kill innocent women and children.  Some others were privy to this one time feed and one or two even managed to record it.  It was immediately cut out by CNN and never shown again as if it never existed, but we saw it happen, we know what our government did that day.  No amount of attempted brainwashing with another version can change what we saw happen that day, any more than the fairy tale that two small planes (in relation to the towers) caused the obvious controlled demolition of the Twin Towers I saw live on 9-11.

I’m not a physicist, not a scientist of any type, not an expert in demolition, not a brain surgeon, but a teenager could understand that those towers coming down from the hit of those planes is absurd!  It just wasn’t a physical possibility and I didn’t need all the information that is currently available, like the heat caused by the fire and the melting point of the steel, to know it was a controlled demolition.  It was obvious to me as I watched, even as Aaron Brown sat in utter disbelief.  Not only was it a controlled demolition, but it was a damn good one!

I am a firm believer that for some odd reason people who go into journalism are idealists.  They believe we are the great nation of the hype, instead of a flawed nation of good people.  They believe that our government has good intentions when they refuse disclosure on any number of thousands of subjects.  They believe that keeping things from us really is best for us.  They are like young children who can’t believe their parent could ever do something wrong.  I cannot figure out what it is that draws people with this propensity to journalism, but clearly they are willing to believe the best of even the most heinous of situations.  What happened to the 5 W’s and the H?  That would be who, what, why, where, when and how, for those of you who may have never been exposed to that in high school.  

Would knowing the full truth of what our government has, and is doing, shock people?  Yes.  Would they be able to handle it?  That’s a good question. Certainly some would be challenged in ways they can’t imagine.  I believe in truth and I believe that maybe it’s time for the American people to be shocked out of the coma they are living in.  As Dr. Phil likes to say, “You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge”.  We have been supporting a collective lie that is perpetuated by the media.  

From the earliest days of this nation we have allowed a lack of integrity in the presentation of information to guide our destiny. This lack of integrity led us into genocide with the native nations of the continent & the support of slavery in our inception.  From that time it has led us through cycles of oppression of people in race, gender and religion and has been used to justify endless wars.  The only way to stop this cycle is full disclosure, but don’t expect to see it from the media idealists, the media power brokers, who know full well what they are doing, or the government.  They are fully committed to keeping us in disinformation, for our own good, no matter how many people may suffer or die a horrific death from this.

Yes we must be wary of the media but not because they are liberal or conservative, but because they report anything that is given them to report, how they are told to report it, with no regard for truth or integrity.

The latest barrage from out local Denver channels (local being relative over direct TV) is an endless list of for your health stories.  From one day to the next they contradict each other but are reported as absolute scientific fact.  It is disgusting fear mongering, meant to keep you and I in an endless state of stress.  Stressed out people are easy to control, they are overwhelmed with their lives and have no fight, no resistance.  Don’t believe any of it; take responsibility for your own health and life.  

Read between the lines when watching the news and when you hear things you know to be lies, be sure to confirm to yourself consciously that it is a lie and you are not accepting it into your consciousness.  It seems simplistic to many, but it has worked well for me to use the words, Cancel, Cancel, Cancel, when I hear something on TV that I know is just pure crap.  Let go of the attempted polarization and discern what you hear from your heart, not from a liberal or conservative point of view.  You will see the real issue is not political, but an issue of big power that runs both sides, controlling what we think and how we will act out on those thoughts.  Always ask yourself who profits from this perspective.  When you dig deep you will see that those profiting support both political parties, even when particular individuals appear to be from one or the other.  Nothing is ever as it’s presented to us to by media or government in these times.  

The point?  Think for yourself, question everything, and accept nothing at face value.  Healthy skepticism is not being negative, it is being empowered.  Your other choice is to be one of the sheeple, and no self respecting human would consciously choose that… would they?

Engtovo Bhodsvatan
August 17, 2005

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