Useable Energy

Useable energy is here for me today
As the grid of me is aligned with divine blueprint
The thunder crashes around me
The breath of the air is revived
Droplets reach the earth
The plants receive
I receive
Manuel the bear receives
The drops quicken
Forming puddles and streams
To move the emotional force of water where it is needed
The emotions move inside of me
My quickening mirrors the storm
The sun touches through
Its rays of light glistening on the falling droplets
Just as the rays of light inside me glisten upon the moving emotions in my heart
Loud crashes of thunder removing blockages
And old ways long stuck
The downpour increases
Washing away that which is no longer appropriate
Nurturing that which is good and right
Somewhere about me I sense a rainbow
It is out of my line of view
But I feel it there none the less
The droplets dwindle and blue sky is in view
Even as the crashing thunder rumbles across this mountain top
The space has become overwhelmed with a peaceful silence
A completion
The useable energy remains
Awareness is heightened
As each lingering drop from the roof echoes through my space
I breathe in this useable energy and make it my own
As do each plant and animal nearby
It is a gift from the nature spirits to us all
A short but sweet shaman’s death
Born anew in each moment we carry on
Taking this energy out into everything we experience

Engtovo ~ August 10, 2005

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