After The Fire

The sky is grey
But the sun shines beyond this overcast
The sun shines above the hurricane
The tornadoes
And the blizzards
Beyond the works of man the sky remains blue
The birds will continue to sing
The moon will cycle
Bringing us phases of brilliant luminosity
And dark skies filled with twinkling stars
The world is in a constant state of change
In this change is stability
That our perspective can always be turned
To see the positive instead of the negative
In destruction is rebirth
After the fire
The forest grows back stronger
No matter how battered our planet or our hearts
Rebirth is imminent and unstoppable
So the grey sky can continue to be grey today
But my heart will recognize the beauty beyond
The world can continue its chaos
And I will live in the beauty I see

Engtovo ~ January 30, 2005

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