Don’t Tell Me

Don’t tell me who I am
Don’t tell me what I believe
These things are between me and my Creator
If you were in tune with me
In tune with the Creator you would know these things
You would not need to tell me what you thought
Because your heart would have the truth already
My healing journey has been internal
Even though I have shared some things
There is no way to share the whole of my experience
I know what I hold
I know what I release
Don’t tell me what to do
Don’t tell me who to choose
Look inside instead of placing issues upon me
I am not you
I will forever be myself
My journey is laid out before me
Creator speaks to my heart and intuition guides me
Every path I take is for my highest good
Why do you think you know better for me
Than Creator through my intuition
Don’t tell me my future
Don’t tell me my past
These things are for me to determine
My future is where I go
Not where you fear I will go
My past is only perspective that I give to it
Something you have no control over
I am fully self responsible for both
Don’t tell me your reality
Don’t tell me I can’t believe in magic
Your fear and cynicism will not deter me
I walk through this world on my own terms
If you are afraid to trust the energy that I embrace
That is between you and the Creator
If you can not see me for who I am in truth
If you cannot respect my choices
Just don’t tell me anything

Engtovo ~ January 21, 2005

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