Mercury Retrograde Gets a Bad Rap

I am tired of fear based astrology. Astrology is meant to help us in positive ways. If I read one more report telling me desperately not to do 101 things during mercury retrograde or moon void of course I’m going to puke. Mercury retrograde used to come with a general warning that it’s not the best time to sign contracts or buy electronics. Now it is screamed at you to DO NOT do these things and more. The result if you do, according to them, is obviously that the sky will fall. Of course it is all fear mongering and it is time to put an end to the bad rap that mercury retrograde gets.

Do people have mechanical and electronic troubles during mercury retrograde, sure they do, however, it is the person that is in question, not the retrograde. When mercury retrogrades it asks us to slow down and look within. We need to look at our thought patterns as mercury rules mental activity. It can be the most wonderful time of the year if you can allow yourself to acquiesce to mercury’s unique gifts. No greater time exists for meditation, healing and inner work. Mercury’s retrograde movement quiets the worldly noise and offers us solitude. It is only when you refuse to give in to mercury and the beauty it offers that you come into problems that stem from resistance. Now certainly the majority of western society does not acquiesce to mercury, leaving us somewhat at the mercy of those in resistance. Longer lines and less patience are common. Parking lot accidents from people not being able to focus is another common thing to be careful of. When you are in alignment with the call of mercury however you simply notice these things occurring around you, but they have no effect on you what so ever.

When you have learned to give yourself over to mercury retrograde three times a year you come to look forward to it. You know you will be able to access information long buried from this life or others. That you will be able to surface issues quickly and efficiently and ascertain their root core and bring healing to them. That your ability to communicate with spirit is enhanced as those in resistance experience communication snafus in the outer world. When you have mastered the use of mercury retrograde for it’s true purpose, growth and healing, you would no longer hesitate to buy electronics or deal with mechanical issues because these things would be in harmony with your energy as you have harmonized with mercury’s influence. The same becomes true of contracts, is the contract something that you want to be in harmony with your true spirit? If so mercury retrograde is the ideal time, the question to ask is whether the person with whom you make the contract is in harmony with mercury as well. When you have come to love the solitude and growth of these periods of retrograde you may find it the best time to buy a house. The reason being is that your choice of a house during that time would be a house that is in harmony with you and the solitude you would like to bring forth from mercury retrograde into the time when mercury is direct. The energy of the house would be one that would support your communication with your inner self and with spirit and with mercury direct in this place all your worldly communications would be supported as well.

When Mercury is retrograde it helps us to find what is in harmony with our soul, as opposed to just something our mind thinks it would like to do. If you are considering a new project, a new career, business, or taking a relationship to the next level, but are not sure, wait for mercury to retrograde and see how you feel about the issue at hand. If during retrograde you feel muddled, confused or opposed to the project, trust that information and do not pursue the issue. That is Mercury’s gift to you. You can be like the majority of the world and ignore mercury’s gift, fear these retrogrades and wonder why you don’t have what you want, but mercury says to you “do you really know what you want? Come into yourself through me and I will show you the truth, beyond the mental activity, when I am retrograde you will see your true heart, instead of just all your busy thoughts.”

2 thoughts on “Mercury Retrograde Gets a Bad Rap

  1. Thank you!! I’ve been stressed because a contract (that I negotiated over a month ago) arrived right at the start of a retrograde period. I need to sign and return it, but have been hesitant. Your explanation makes perfect sense. Now I know what to do.

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