The snows fall

My fingers chill

I have no interest in this season

Another winter comes upon me

I question why I remain in this place

It is not in harmony with me

Or I am not in harmony with it

The snow falling can be beautiful

I see this

Recognize it

And yet wish to remain apart from it

I wish to live where the snows never come

Where my fingers never chill

How did I come to these places

Where the snows fall

And fall

And fall

They gather together

They feel like prison walls to me

I do not wish to go out in their coldness

I seek moderation

I do not want the searing heat of the desert

The dry parched air that steals my life force

There is a place that has moist air and moderate temperature

Why am I not there yet

My green hillsides call out to me

The raindrops dewy on the grass

I no longer wish to adapt and resist

I want only to be where it is right for me

Let those who love this cold and white live here in joy

Heart take me home now

Engtovo ~ November 20, 2004

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