This Power

No one told me I was powerful

No one told me I could have power

Hold power

That power was inherent in my nature

Every message told me I was disempowered

That I should be fearful of power

Because power in the mortal leads to corruption and loss of self

No one near me knew of spiritual power

The power Creator gives to us all

Power that cannot be corrupted

The same power that flows effortlessly through nature

Ensuring balance

This power is presented to us as unattainable

Uncontrollable and dangerous

It is presented in terms of tragedy and smite

Likened to an angry God’s revenge

The power of destruction from the eruption of a volcano

Or the force of a hurricane

In truth this power does not destroy

It changes things yes

And humans who like to think that what they build is forever

Find that their creations are vulnerable to something greater

Because of this they think they are victims

Instead of seeing the whole picture of the natural cycle of things

At times lives are lost

But lives are lost every day when there is no great force of nature

We are not at the center of this world

We are but one part

Not immune from the natural cycle of the whole

Because of this negative presentation of this power

The mind gets lost in thinking that holding this type of power

Is holding the power of a victimizer

That somehow to have it would be wrong

Or that I would not be able to contain or control it

That I would misuse it in some way

But this power cannot be misused

It has within it natural laws

That it cannot contradict

There is no reason to fear holding this power

A human can only use it in a good way

I accept this power

I stop cowering before it

Finding myself unworthy

Because there is no worth attached to it

Any more than a hurricane chooses to attack a location in spite

The power follows the conditions of the environment in which it finds it self

It comes to me because my environment is prepared to receive it

I embrace it

Release the fear and pain that has enveloped me in a subconscious attempt to resist it

Nature cannot be resisted

Attempts to stop a force of nature only strengthen it in some way

Because this power always brings balance in its change

It brings new life

And rebirth

A new cycle begins from its path

This power is divine

Engtovo ~ October 24, 2004

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