A temple is an energy

There is no physical requirement

No building

No garden

No belief structure

Or religion

It is simply a sacred space on the earth

There may be a building

There may be a garden

One person may notice this temple

Or thousands

It only requires one to acknowledge what nature already knows

The sacred space only need be respected


Not infringed upon

Work done within it be in harmony with it

Allowing all the spirits of the space participation

When this does not happen

When respect is not given

The temple becomes out of balance

Until respect is returned to the sacred space

Anyone who understands this

Can balance this energy

Talking to the earth

The spirits

Acting as conduit for the divine

There are temples all over this planet

Acknowledged and not acknowledged

Some respected

Others not

Wherever I find one not respected

I will speak

And I will offer my respect

Honoring the sacred space

It is not hard

Or complicated

It is a simple gift of natural union

Engtovo ~ October 24, 2004

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