Joy on the Journey

Take me

The integrations have begun

How long do they go on

I wish to be devoured quickly

I want to live within something greater

Than the mortal that I know

What has been offered is a beautiful gift

It is not hard

Why does my mind want it to be hard

Do I fear being unchallenged

And still wonder if I am challenged if I have what it takes

Show me the pathway to embracing inner unity

Taking all that I fear and giving it a place of power

To be transmuted into work to serve the whole

Finding balance of service on the earth and loyalty to the inner pathway

Inner and outer expression blended in harmony

Joy on the journey

Not joy at a destination

No delay of joy’s life force in body, mind and spirit

I pray not to resist

To find the energetic pathway

That allows my ghosts a place in joy

What I am asking of myself I am capable of

My heart knows this beyond doubt

I open the door and welcome it in

Mind screams of risk

It wishes not to trust self

Rely on self

Because it is in denial that self is all there is to trust

Trust in God is trust in self

For it is through self that God works

There is no separation

I accept the beauty

There is no escape

Beauty is in every direction

Engtovo ~ October 22, 2004

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