Your Voice

Your voice in my head

So integrated into my thought

I do not recognize it is you

I have accepted it as me

As my reality

But it is not

It is one final lie

That eats me alive

You had no purpose in passing it on to me

You were not even aware

I learned by observing

By wanting from you

What you were unable to give

It was not given to you

From the generations past

It is time to end this lie

To stop giving it power

Your voice in my head must cease now

I have other things to do

I only have time for the voice of my true self

The voice of my spirit allies

And the voice of the Creator

I see how your voice limited my experience

Stopped my joy

My expression

Not what you would have wanted for me

Nor what I want for myself

I consciously change it today

I have found a lost part of myself

Held hostage by your voice

Now it is set free

And my life is reborn

Engtovo ~ September 6, 2004

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