Fly Away

Why do you do it

Why do you want to place on me

Hopelessness and despair

The belief that if you cannot accomplish something

That I cannot accomplish it

Good luck you say

How disgusting that is

The negativity permeates everything you do

Would it be so hard to say

I wish you well

I hope you do it

I want the best for you

I want you to accomplish anything that will bring you joy

Perhaps even I have faith in you

Of course that would be a lie

You have no faith in me

Because you have no faith in yourself

No faith in God

No faith period

It is sad

And it tires me to live in your sadness

I will not let it in

You do not define me and what I can accomplish

Any more than our father does

I define myself through the Creator

Your desire for me to fail in order to validate your lack of faith is your issue

I will not validate your refusal of joy

I cast you off

I cast off that part of you that reflects dad in me

I have no limitation

Unless I choose to be limited

You may choose to remain there

It will be hard to watch

But watch I will

I will not live there with you

You will have to watch me fly away

Engtovo ~ September 6, 2004

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