Mercury Retrograde


What gift do you bring

What understanding was missed that you offer to me now

Oh how people fear you

Because you are of the place of pure spirit

If they live only in the physical world

Things do not go smoothly during your visits

I welcome you

You show me things

Bring me visions and dreams

Take me to the core of things

You ease the influence of this world where the mental is deified

Bring forth the truth that the mental is nothing without the divine

Once upon a time you brought chaos into my life

Showed me where my thought was far away from spirit

Broke down my machines and took me to look at the depths of my frustrations

Thank you

You did your job well

Now I look to your arrival as a time of insight

You leave my machines alone because I do not deny you

I do not attempt to carry on in resistance to your wisdom

Ah beloved Mercury

You show us the divine intelligence behind what appears chaotic

Three times a year

For three weeks each time

You show us that there is a divine order

Most don’t see or acknowledge you do this

But I do

And here we are again Mercury

Move your tide back through me

Clear my mind of thought that does not serve me

I acquiesce

Engtovo ~ August 12, 2004

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