Love Radiates

Love radiates out from me

It hits fear and resistance in my surroundings

It contracts back on me and causes me pain

I must change my surroundings

This cannot continue

For divine love cannot be stopped

I cannot end the radiations that pour forth

Nor do I want to

Those who place up shields

They live a life void of all forms of love

It is a sad and empty life

They refuse to look at their emptiness

Or seek an opening for God to fill those spaces

They do not even realize that they desire the same emptiness for me

My participation is impossible

There is no end to what has been started within me

It lives in perpetual motion

Governed by universal law

Love radiates out from me

It seeks out its true reflection in the world

The fear and resistance in my surroundings cannot stop it all

It still leaks forth into the world

And calls back to me with people and places that are in harmony with it

I answer those calls

I move my surroundings

Take myself to the places and people

Who feel the radiation and are joyous in it

The deer people support me in this journey

This transition to new surroundings

The bucks come to greet me and I say thank you

And pause in a moment of gratitude

The grouse come to greet me and acknowledge the love radiating

I step forth and proclaim this truth

I will make no excuses

Hide nothing

Apologize to none for their discomfort of what is natural

They have chosen their way and their place to live that way

I choose my way

Love radiating





In truth it is no longer a choice for me

It is simply who I am

I can be no other

I will not attempt to resist for the sake of peace with those who fear

Because it hurts me

The love radiating from me

Will not allow me to stay where its presence hurts me

By surroundings that ask me to deny it

I will not deny any longer

Love radiates from me

And I am grateful

And blessed

Engtovo ~ August 12, 2004

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