Picky little details

They can take over your mind

Your energy

Even if they are not in your control

Thought will not leave them alone

It will release stress hormones into your body

Create illness in your body

All over things that do not matter

Are insignificant

Mind does this to distract us from things that matter

That it fears

Steals our focus away from love and compassion

Peace and unity

Teaches us to pick apart the details of others

Tear them into little pieces that we can condemn

And discard

There is no detail too insignificant

For us to obsess on

In ourselves

And in others

In the location

The décor

It is a sad state of affairs

What would the world be like if it were the opposite I wonder

If it was the big picture

That took over our minds

Alas we would still be out of balance

But how would it differ

From the lack of balance we have now

In curiosity I ponder

But truly it matters not

It is balance I seek

I wish to let go of the details that matter not

Let go of the aspects of the big picture that matter not

And be in a state of balance inside myself

The world will still be out of balance

I can only balance myself

Perhaps others will attempt to pick that apart in me

To discover what it is that makes me different than themselves

In their quest for details

But if they do most will condemn and discard

In lack of understanding

And the world will obsess on details

Until the day the universe takes most of the details away

Engtovo ~ August 12, 2004

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