The Forerunner

To be a forerunner

Take the first steps

Open doors

Preserve opportunities

Those who limit have no real power

When the forerunner takes their own

The timing is perfect

It looks last minute to others

They see it as chaotic

But if they could see the atoms of this world

They would look chaotic as well

The pot is full

And there is intelligent action behind the plan

Despite the chaotic appearance

Fulfillment is at hand

Abundant prosperity is available for all aspects to unfold

No brakes are available

Because the movement set in motion earlier

Is unstoppable

The destination programmed

Reaching the destination is inevitable

The consequences of every action of the forerunner

Are not obvious

At the time of action

It matters not

Simply fulfill the role given

And the universe takes care of the rest

The keys given freely

Now live inside

Stepping out toward the horizon

That which is never reachable to most

Is attainable with ease by the forerunner

Faster than the speed of light

Beyond the perceived laws of physics

There are a whole new set of laws available

The forerunner will use them openly

And let the chips fall where they may

Engtovo ~ August 4, 2004

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