It Is Done

Democrats convene for their propaganda sessions

Republicans soon to set their attack

Skull and bonesman fight it out

It’s a mirage of separation

Either way the illuminati get their man

The absurdity of it all is almost amusing

They speak of a war on terror

When there is no terror in the traditional sense

They are indeed the terrorists

They are the perpetrators of 911

They are the ones who shred the constitution

In itself an already flawed document before their shredding

There is no need to take aim from the divine

Because they will trip themselves up

In these fifth world energies

There is no room for their lies and hate

They will show themselves

The people will not be so easily fooled

Soon the people will be shown

That there is another way

A true life

And how they have been kept from that knowledge




They will understand the true purpose of the fluoride in their water supply

They will see how we are poisoned and enslaved

Made to believe we are free

That every current political system is of the same making

With the same makers

Yes this election is but a show

Unbeknownst to the show hosts

This new energy of Venus changes the hearts of some within their ranks

It will be from within them

That the truth will come forth

Individuals will awaken

They will unburden their conscience

And there will be too many for them to shut them up through killing

There will be an exponential exodus of their ranks

And those of us who have seen it all unfold

Will sit back and watch

It will be better than the greatest of soaps

Those who knew nothing will be shocked into a new life

They will not be able to wrap their minds around the depth of deception

Not able to understand how they could be so naïve

When they consider themselves highly educated

Not understanding that the same people control what they are taught

in their higher education

That the institutions they are so proud of are in fact nothing more than

schools of brainwashing

They will be dismayed to find that the many who knew these things

Were mostly without degrees

Some not even having completed high school

Those they looked down upon

Thought they were better than

Yes it will be a most interesting election

Interesting few years

As war returns again

In a last ditch effort to maintain control

But the energies of the divine have already taken hold

And no matter what they do

It will falter

And the higher vibration will stand forth

It is as it has been foreseen always by the Creator

It will play out

For many it will be unpleasant

But the outcome is already known

In truth it is done

Engtovo ~ July 29, 2004

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