Circle of Support

I will not be looking back

I will not be pulled back


No one else will be my driver

I will not be the protector

Turn to the divine within

I will not be the problem solver

Of the problems of others

I am choosing to be focused

There are others who can offer help

To those who have forgotten how to help themselves

It is understood by the earth

This time I need

This letting go of responsibility for anything other than self

Later with clarity I will take on responsibility again

Some will be things I do now

Some will be new

Some things I am letting go of now I will be free of forever

They are things that do not serve me

My path is without obstacles

Lined by the ascended ones

There are no detours

No crossroads

The path is short and straight

I look only forward

Think only of my ascension

The desires of others must fall away

There is release, relief in this moment

I am in the center of the circle of support

Instead of being a keeper of the circle for others

It is my turn

The circle will not disband for me until I have fully bloomed

Engtovo ~ July 29, 2004

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