Money Energy





In green

In paper

In computer numbers

On plastic cards

We call it all money

It is all only a form of energy

We pass it back and forth

We horde it in fear

We spend it recklessly

No different than how we act with all our other energies

We may arrange it neatly

Or wad it up and discard it without even knowing

We may count every tiny bit

Or generously pass it around in an attempt to gain acceptance

Energy is energy

Money energy is met with desire

Or rejection

Just as the intention of affection

Our relationship with money is taught to us

By the same influences that have taught us about love energy

Or hate energy

Changing our relationship to money

Requires the same work as changing our relationship to our parents

Letting go of the limited thoughts we received from them

On every level

Frees us

Allows us to redefine our relationship to everything

Every form of exchange

Every kind of gift given and received

Engtovo ~ July 28, 2004

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