I Wish You Only Love

Five million reasons to let go

Communication long since broken down

Would I know

Would it make a difference

You know not what I do

What I feel

Where I am

Who is in my life

What place does the mind still seek you

The heart has moved on

The soul never required any more of you than was given

I seek only balance for myself now

I have grieved a lifetime

This passing has no grief

There is no more left within me

Now all I have is compassion


Release and freedom

My body will not carry the scars

Will not hide

The camouflage is no longer needed

I am defined only by my choice

I thank you

Because I know I am the woman I am supposed to be in this moment

You have been part of that

But this woman is transforming


In this becoming

The last vestiges of you are leaving me

I am free

No longer thinking perhaps one day things will change

It is a Shaman’s death

With it I receive my inheritance

It is not from you

It is from a greater Father

Let peace fill the space between us

A reflection of joy has been offered

I accept it fully

I take my power

Accepting the role you played to get me here

Now your role is complete

I wish you only love

Engtovo ~ July 28, 2004

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