I Am New

I’m ready to roll

Let the gifts flow

From within me

And to me from the universe

There is nothing left to wait for

Nothing left to complete

It is done

This is the day of completion

The joy wells up inside

It bursts forth in waves

I will put my toes into the water

I am excited

The winds of change have entered my heart now

They move the very essence of me into a new configuration

It’s a good thing

I feel something nearing me

That is familiar



My breath is free and easy

There is peace here in this moment

The air is fragrant with this change

I am new

But everything good of the old is retained


The moon shines brightly as it nears fullness

The sun shouts out portending the greater change

With spots and ejections

Music fills my senses

It speaks to me of allies

Working together for a greater good

This serves each part of the whole

I feel you here beside me

There is no other way now

There was an attempt to kill the buds

To prevent enfoldment of the flowers

But the buds remain

And bloom freely

Engtovo ~ July 28, 2004

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