Cocoon to Butterfly

I asked for a new way to cope with these emotions

In the moment

Asked for teachings

To show the way to balance

I see now there are many ways

Some of which I have had with me always

I was just not using them

I choose to use them now

Balance is a choice I make every day

It is not something to come upon me in the night

I see how all these prayers have been answered

Questions were asked and I was not able to receive the response offered

But it has always been given

It is all wrapped in a bundle that was hidden

My cocoon

Wrapped so tight

What all was inside was unclear

I could see that it was all tied together

I have worked hard to untie the strings that held the bundle together

Now the bundle is free

The wrapping pulled back

Here stand the core of issues all entangled inside the bundle

Ready to be freed

There are gifts in the bundle as well

I take the gifts and they become new abilities

I take what is left and burn it in ceremonial fire

The bundle of birth that came with me

It is no longer a burden on my back

Now I have only the gifts

And I can rest with gratitude

I understand my choices before birth

And every step along the way

I do not need to judge these choices

They were foreseen to play out in that manner

Now with the bundle no more

This is all complete

From this point forward

Whatever I want to make of myself

Is not effected by the bundle

What I want to experience is not sabotaged by the bundle

I take full responsibility for the bundle and all it offered

It was mine born of my spirit choices

Expressed in my life choices

Now I have stepped out of its cocoon

As the butterfly I can enjoy each moment of the life I create from this point

There are flowers to visit

Beautiful colors and fragrances

My wings have dried and are ready for flight

Engtovo ~ July 28, 2004

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