Among The Living

Be counted among the living

Do not be satisfied with existing

There is a whole world that awaits your discovery

It is not as you have been taught

It is beyond the perceptions of the many

But it is yours to discover none the less

It is given unto you by your Creator

It is filled with beauty even while disharmony and chaos ensue around

There is no need to go anywhere in particular

True life exists everywhere

Just see it

Embrace it with a smile and a childlike excitement

You were never meant to toil and struggle

You were not meant to be immersed in pain

Physical, emotional or mental

Look to the moments you see as innocuous

Look to the rainbow that forms for but a moment

The sunrise or sunset

In these moments the veil is thin

The truth is available for you to see

Many have given up even the hope that there is more

More than the obvious pain and suffering

Broken hearts abound

You will have to take a leap of faith

And you will have to open your heart

Be WILLING to see

If you seek proof

If you seek the definitive

You will exist there in that seeking

You will not enter the realm of the living

Walk away from the intellectual

Allow the soul to guide the mind

Instead of the mind controlling the soul

There is a place for intellectual knowledge among the living

But it is secondary to the divine

The truth

The leap of faith must be taken

Believe in love

Place no time period and expectation upon true life

When you do you kill yourself each day

Look to the soaring eagle

It does not need to believe in the wind and drafts in order to soar

It leaps from the tree or cliff and it is sustained with its natural gifts from the Creator

Would the Creator give less to a man than an eagle

True life is there

Every day

Every place

Chose to be there with it

You cannot control the path of others

You should not hold back yourself for them to feel better

Chose to be among the living dear ones

It is indeed a choice

Listen to the heart speak softly

There it will be found

Most, even all, people around you

Will want you to remain in the world of existing

They don’t want to see you live

Because it challenges their denial of life

But this group dream created here is a waste of potential

A waste of love

An affront to all that is truth

Wake up

The living hold out a light for you

To find your way among them

Follow this light

You will not miss the old ways

Even though the intellect and others want you to believe you will

You will not look back with regret

You will look back with only compassion for those continuing to exist

You will add your light to the beacon

And find the joy in each day

Living as your Creator intended

Engtovo ~ July 26, 2004

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