Kissed By The Fog

The falls are misted with rainbow droplets

Soon the fog rolls in and they are hidden

The world looks other worldly

Beings move in and out of this fog

Without outsider observance

I can hear the waves crashing

The sweet sound of seagulls off in the mist

The fog has insulated me in a world of magic

Only those who are meant to can find this place

Brief clearing comes with the darkness of days completion

And stars appear and disappear

Moving me in and out of multiple realities

Morning arrives and the thick white looks purified by the night

It is milky and wraps me like a comforter

The fire is lit to warm the damp air

And the smell of wood smoke fills the space

The ever present surf still offers its sound to my ears

constant and enduring

The sun gently begins to burn off the fog

I receive glimpse of the ocean and soon to the horizon blue sky appears

Birds are singing

And I can see the rainbow droplets of the falls once more

Kissed by the fog everything is reborn

Engtovo ~ July 4, 2004

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