Good Day

The love comes rolling in

Boundaries are set

Divine plan of enfoldment is occurring

It is as yet unknown to me

There are numerous possibilities I ponder

Yet they barely scratch the surface

I know only that the one chosen is simple ease

It is clear of the grasping of any

It is for me alone

If others benefit then Creator saw that play out

But it is not benefit of my energy

My gift

Those are mine alone

This is the time I have awaited

Old ties are complete

I let them all go

With that act I release the pain that has been held so long

I have chosen love, freedom, joy

My heart will feel right in the place God takes me

Perhaps my mind will momentarily question

Perhaps some fear will surface

But upon arrival these will subside

And love will transmute them into understanding

The mind questions now

But the heart does not

Everything is unfolding in perfection

I am filled with gratitude

And open my heart to embrace the unknown

Creator has foreseen the obstacles and routed my path around them

There is nothing left here for me to concern with

Awaken each day with joy now self

Knowing everything has been cleared

The slate clean for me

And I move forward

It is a good day to be alive

No longer a good day to die

Engtovo ~ June 29, 2004

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