Waiting to hear

What is the word

The energy has shifted

The fear dispersed

The deed done

Freedom is this release

It plays out as it will

I have done my part

I can do no more than that

Life can change in an instant

Divine Love manifests itself through this life

The moon shines brightly this new energy

Venus moves into play

She comes calling seldom

Some never see her filtering the light through her love

We witness her here

It is a gift

She shows us the heart of creation

She prepares us for a greater expression

Harmony reigns in the space she creates

We can choose to align with her

We can allow her to carry us together

Trust in the dance of stars and planets

Put into motion by Divine Principle

Place ourselves into the intelligent motion

Know that we will be in the exact right place in creation

People, places on our path perfect

Like Venus

We will not doubt our motion

In Divine Love

No timing of eclipse or collision a mistake

Let us collide and create something new

Divine Love has foreseen

That creation unknown to us

I surrender my heart Venus

Influence me

Show me the Love

Move it through me

Become me

Its time

Engtovo ~ May 11, 2004

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