Our Passion

Passion breaths again

Beyond thought and time

The body, thought and emotion merge

Joining in the outpouring of desire

I thought this day would not come

And knew that it would

Where this conflict of mind and soul collided

Changed from day to day

I feel your breath now on my neck

The gentle touch of your lips to my cheek

Your hands upon my shoulders

It is as if there were no parting

All the years of separation and pain

Distant and fleeting

How can such anguish disappear in an instant

Just one moment and healing has occurred

Hearts engage in synergistic embrace

Released from the illusion of separation

With only a single touch of hearts

How are we separate and how are we one

It ebbs and flows like our breath

Life force draws us together

Time has been our nemesis

Yet when we reunite we are beyond time

It is only when we are distanced

That time consumes us with despair and longing

The truth of our connection overcomes me

And I question how any moment of separation was experienced

Speak to me in symbols

Send and receive rays of divine light

Touch the space between us

And it becomes nothing

We are together here

The passion engulfs me

The creative force of life wants expression

When your energy touches mine

Manifestations come forth

They are birthed without effort

An expression of our deep love

They are divine and perfect

They can be no other

They are our passion

Engtovo ~ May 11, 2004

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